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METO - Hand Labeling and Merchandising Solutions

Meto – The whole range of professional hand labeling,
price marking and signing systems


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Meet the specs!

Labeling of fresh products with “best before date” according food law

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Flyer Kennz. Gefl. (DEU) »

METO has the solution. To label the best before date of fresh goods (poultry, fresh cheese, salads) according food law, we offer a new special designed PromoSign cassette solution. Together with our fixing stands the cassette fits perfectly between meat trays in fresh good counters. Stand and cassette are also recommended when using the so-called price cards. To get more information  please contact you regional Meto consultant or our Customer Service team.

Avery Zweckform Badgetec Logos
NOW available through Meto:

Avery Zweckform quality products and valuable Badgetec Name Plates

Your Meto Partner will be glad to give you the details.

Turn-O-Matic touch+Floor Pedestal Application

Managing queue times smartly

TURN-O-MATIC touch is the perfect queue solution for shops, retail market and public areas, that aim for efficient organization. It helps reducing their cost, creates up selling and provides satisfied customer and employees.
The main touch and ticket unit of TURN-O-MATIC touch plus now allows to maintain up to 3 queues simultaneously.

ESL BefestigungESL Fixing Solution
Fixing solutions for electronic price marking

We offer you suitable accessories to fix electronic price tags of the brands Altierre, SES-Imagotag, PRICER, Solu M, ZBD (Displaydata) and FindBox anywhere in your store.
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Hat mein Meto Handauszeichner Garantie?
Warranty in danger?

You can easily identify if a METO handlabeler is under valid warranty. Original manufacturer’s warranty only with intact serial number!

Only on Meto handlabelers with intact serial number (label inside the side flash sticker and on the device packaging) we offer a warranty according to our warranty / guaranty conditions.

We don’t provide any warranty on manipulated devices from untraceable sources and without valid serial numbers.

You can easily protect yourself by paying attention to intact serial numbers when buying Meto handlabelers.

PromoLabel aqua mit Einschub
NEW! PromoLabel Aqua

The price cassette system for fresh merchandise, with protection against splashed/sprayed water…

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…for implementation of the provisions of the Food Information Regulation (FIR) in the retail sector.
The PromoLabelaqua cassette satisfies requirements of the FIR for more consumer information directly on the merchandise on sale, and assists the retail trade in labeling merchandise in compliance with the legislation.
Promolabelaqua also provides a protection against sprayed/splashed water to IP classes 3-4. The cassette is easy to clean and dishwashable to +70 °C. All materials employed are suitable for use at -10 °C to +70 °C.
The cassette is re-usable over a longer period and combined with the use of paper inlays (merchandise text or price tickets) a characteristic that provides it with clear advantages over card-printer systems in terms of resources, the environment, and sustainability.
The cassette materials satisfy the requirements of EU Regulation 10/2011 and of the FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration).
PromoLabelaqua cassette affords security of investment in our labeling system, since
existing PromoSign fixing accessories can continue to be used.
To PromoLabelaqua customers METO provides the “price tag editor” a new online platform for the creation of merchandise text and/or price tickets in DIN A8 format. It can be accessed at www.meto.com and be used free of charge to create the price tags they need for labeling and identification of fresh merchandise. METO already offers DIN A4 sheets of pre-perforated card labels for local printing.
To the introduction of PromoLabelaqua we also offer a redemption campaign for old counter price tags.

*The conditions of the PromoLabelaqua introduction/redemption campaign are available
at all participating franchise partners of Checkpoint Systems International GmbH.

Price Tag Editor 2.0
The free Price Tag Editor 2.0
Now 14 different display formats available
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